Stove top Pizza (First try)

Easiest and quickest pizza recipe for pizza on the go and oven less people like me! This was my first attempt at making a stove top pizza. Since this was my first attempt and I did not have the sufficient ingredients for toppings, I had no clue how it would turn out. The end result was edible. Hooray!

Inspired by fussfreecooking


1- Grease pan with olive oil.
2- Mix flour, olive oil and water in pan until it forms into a sticky dough.
3- Flatten out dough in pan to make an even surface all around.
4- Add pizza sauce and other toppings.
5- Cover and cook on medium heat for 10 minutes.



As you can see the end result of the pizza dough looks a little under cooked or bread like. It does taste a lot like pizza bread than pizza, which isn’t half bad.


The bottom of the pizza should look like this.

This pizza cooks very well in 10 minutes but you can always cook it for an additional five minutes. As a first trial and error experiment I was not expecting great results. Nonetheless, it did taste good!


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