How to plan a budget friendly graduation party!


This is a guide to how my friends and I planned a graduation party for a 100+ people with as little cost as possible.

Here is what you need to get started:

1. Gather a team of awesome friends who wish to help!

2. Plan where and when you will have the party and what you need for it.

3. Make a list of everything.

4. Calculate the cost of all things you need to pay for.

5. Find  places/websites where you can get the majority of your supplies from at a low cost.

6. Find and make use of supplies found at home (you’ll be surprised at what you can find!)

7. Separate the tasks to get things done quickly and easily.

Or if you’re a business student use PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) to help you, ha!

Planning the party:

Venue/Hall: Consider the venue/hall you will be having the party at, the cost, the number of people attending and the space. Book as soon as possible.

Food: The hall we booked charged according to the buffet per head. We chose an affordable & delicious menu. The management said they would provide the cake if 50+ people attended! (Free cake YAY!)

Decorations/Favors: The place only came with tablecloths for the tables and bows for the chairs. Centerpieces, flowers and additional decorations were extra charge. That’s when we decided to use the internet for help!

– We made sure the hall had excellent speakers for everyone to enjoy the music.
– Everyone had a chance to submit songs they wanted to hear at the party.
– We selected quiet music for the dinner.
– We used a laptop to play the sassy beats. You can hire a dj or a friend to be in charge of the music.
– Don’t forget to save your playlist onto a usb for emergencies.

Since the party hall management said that all extra decorations would be charged, we decided to do it all ourselves and bring our own supplies. The main source of inspiration for all of our graduation party decorations and ideas came from pinterest! Here is what we came up with!

Photo booth props/Masks
construction paper
wooden sticks
glue & scissors
black felt marker
patterns for tracing


Polaroid Photo Frame
white cork board


Centerpiece Candle votives
drinking glasses
spray paint
rubber bands





Graduation Cap Party Favor
construction paper

We wrote a congratulatory note on the inside with a golden marker and outlined the top of the hat with the same marker.


Extra Decorations

The party was a blast and all the attendees enjoyed the decorations, props, favors, food and music tremendously. I hope you find this post helpful if you’re planning your graduation party!


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