Fear of starting a blog

The title of this post is quite ironic to the purpose of the issue. The purpose of starting a blog is to share your knowledge and interests, yet I have a great fear of starting one. Why do you ask? Let me tell you.

In my life I have started and shared many websites and blogs all of which were abandoned and closed. The purpose of this blog was for an assignment in university. Many websites were also used as assignments and abandoned later on. I hate to start something and not finish it or make good use of it. I thought long about what I should do with this blog and I finally pushed myself to write about what scares me about blogging.

My fears of blogging are:

1- Abandoning the blog.
2- Losing interest too quickly.
3- Inability to update consistently and keep it lively.
4- Inability to manage a blog.

It took me a long time to come up with a new name for this blog rather than the old one and even longer to decide whether keeping this blogging is worth it.

How do you manage to keep your blog going?

If you have any advice on this issue please do not hesitate to share your thoughts 🙂 xx